Friday, May 6, 2011

It's Friday...

We decided to forgo zentyal-desktop and just work with LDAP. zentyal-desktop is unstable and nobody seems to be maintaining it at the moment. I've also been taken off Zentyal for the moment to fix a problem with Greenfoot. Looks like permissions problems as Jeff said but the question is why in the first place but I'll probably just fix it and leave the questions for later.

As a side project (for myself) I'm going to set up a central XBMC server. If you don't know XBMC formerly known as Xbox Media Center is the name suggests a media center. Some cool person made a minimal ubuntu image with xbmc to be loaded over the network like the LTSP set up we used to have. Although another person came up with a solution involving a MySQL database syncing content between the clients. I'm leaning towards the LTSP setup since it requires me to only manage one machine out of five. I would like to try the MySQL set up just because it would be something new but I'm thinking of the practicality here. I was also thinking of symlinking everything...

Thursday, May 5, 2011


After installing zentyal-desktop I immediately broke it. I'm actually not sure if it was my fault. In the instructions for installing zentyal-desktop it states to ignore anything about LDAP. It's kinda of hard to ignore when it's giving me prompts saying Yes/No and asking for certain input. I'm sure that I set up the server side correctly though. So right now the netbook cannot log onto the test account. While looking at that I'm setting up a virtual machine also so that I can have something I can roll back when it breaks.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Zentyal Finished (Installing)

The Zentyal installation finished without breaking. I also set one of the little netbooks on installing ubuntu so come Thursday I can use it for zentyal testing.

I also took my AP Comp Sci test. Not as hard as I expected but that's probably because the UMD contest was impossible. I'm sure Henry will have already told you about the Calculus exam tomorrow which will probably last longer than the Comp Sci exam.