Friday, April 29, 2011


Was not here Thursday....

Since I could not use the XOs I helped Henry again with Zentyal. The install worked fine but there was a networking problem. It was a fairly simple issue with internet traffic coming through the PCI NIC vs the onboard one which we assumed would be the default interface.

It's been an unfufilling week considering I've been absent two days and one day I can't work. I'll try to do more work next week and be less absent.


Was not at school on Monday.

Tuesday and Wednesday I worked with (prodded) Matt on jabber. We were going to test Tuesday but apparently the ejabberd install broke.

Wednesday Matt fixed it and we were able to communicate via pidgin. According to Matt XO chat works. I also helped Henry a bit with his Zentyal install which seems to keep breaking one due to automatic shut offs due to overheating and a badly burned disc (not the painful kind of burn).

Also you marked me absent Wednesday. I was there and even stayed after school!

Also also I used your html learning website for a website for my brother :P I butchered the html so it doesn't validate anymore. I think I'll remove the button to hide my shame.