Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Thank you autosave for not saving my work.

Rewriting what used to be in this post I worked with tcpdump at Matt's recommendation and wireshark. I was trying to monitor packets going XO->ejabberd->XO. That didn't work though since they didn't communicate through it. I used wireshark to find that part out... I also found there is a CLI version of wireshark called tshark incase you want more than tcpdump but have no GUI.

On the flip side I tested Luke's patch for gasp in Lucid and it works fine.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Installing and Setting up Saros

To install Saros go the the help menu in Eclipse and then choose "Install New Software"

In the "Work With" field copy/paste into it and hit enter. Eventually a few packages will appear. Choose the latest one and install it. Straightforward.

Then you must do the same thing except with You only have one package to choose from. Install that and you will be done.

Problem seems to be that the original install script for Saros tried referring to a link that no longer exists. If you install the dependency beforehand though from the first link everything works just fine.

Now to set up Saros you go to Saros and then start the configuration. Input your gmail and password AND NOW expand the window downward and press the server button. Put in there. Then configure it as you wish. (I would set it to auto connect).