Friday, March 25, 2011

XMPP and Test Suite

I found these three docs the other day the are relevant to what I will be doing. Seems like some of the community has set up a test suite for making sure an XS server is working with one guy having done some load testing. Unfortunately it seems the test suite and the tests done on ejabberd were done in 2008 so they might not be relevant.

I've also taken a look at XMPP. Basically (so I don't run out of time) it is a open-source server-client architecture without a main authentication server so you don't log into Google or the likes.

I checked up on ejabberd and it is in active development with the latest release last december.

More next week...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stalking AKS

This is the e-mail Douglas found

and this one is the one I found on Gitorious

I would think the second one is his personal e-mail so choose whichever you like.

And IRC logs here.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sugar VirtualBox

Go here.

Go to "Sugar on a Stick v4 Mango Lassi"

Download the first two files. Third is unnecessary.

In VirtualBox create a new machine as a Fedora machine with 256mb of memory. Instead of creating a new hard drive load the one you downloaded.

Once that is done you can boot up and use "sugaruser" as the password to login in and "sugarrroot" as the root password.

You CAN update it using "yum groupinstall sugar-desktop" in the sugar terminal but in the VM I'm using it doesn't seem to work.