Friday, March 11, 2011

Rooting NeXTStation

So I'm putting off the printing for now and in the mean time I've tried rooting the other NeXT machine. The it worked just fine but I've run into a problem where whenever I boot it always takes me to the, select your keyboard prompt and drops me into single user mode. Logging out just takes me back to the same prompt. The computer is also running 3.3 so it might be best just to install Openstep 4.2 if I can get a hold of the OS.

If you have another project to work on that (which you can mention in the comments or e-mail!) would be nice otherwise I'll continue to working on networking the printer.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Network Printing Woes

My progress with the NeXTCube has stopped at network printing. I've come across a thread about networking printing nobody answered, some strange unformatted document from usenet and a website that does not appear on the wayback machine. I will e-mail John and continue to search for an answer. I can say I did learn some new tricks on googling which helped me reach those dead ends!

Monday, March 7, 2011


Today I tested if networking worked after what I did to the nextcube last Friday. Best way to test it is to see if it can browse the internet no? Unfortunately like almost every damn program on the machine the browser is proprietary and it had a license for it that expired in 1999. I googled for a bit to see if I could find a new key but then realized that there aren't going to be new keys. I wasn't expecting it to work but I set the clock back to 1998 and lo and behold the web browser works. So that is that. Time to get network printing working.

Also here is that comprehensive pdf I thought was from Apple but isn't. Still works fine though!