Saturday, March 5, 2011

NeXT Networking Again

I believe I have set up NeXT networking for reals this time. I found a more comprehensive guide from Apple and followed to the letter so I hope it works. I did not have time to test it since I finished right before class had ended as usual. Once this is all done I will write about a doc about the NeXT machine itself (like credentials) and how to set up networking.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

NeXT Networking and Printing

So the printer seems to work just fine. Stupid on my part was I was trying to find the right cable for the printer (none of them would fit in the cube!). As I was googling I looked up at the computer for a sec and noticed a cable just sitting on the desk that was exactly right for the printer. I traced it back and it was already plugged in the cube, it just needed a printer -.- So that works.

Networking should work. I did not have enough time to test if my config will work. For some reason the "SimpleNetworkManager" app (oxymoron) would not let me alter the IP but I could change everything else. I did that manually in a configuration file but then had to leave so we'll see tomorrow if it works. I also have to manually add the DNS servers to another config file but I'll do that once I know networking works.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How to root NeXTStep/Openstep

Gotta thank Matt for this one and his google-fu. I just booted into single user mode. Here are the steps.

  • Start up the machine
  • Hold the two command keys and ~
  • Execute the command bsd -s
  • Execute /bin/sh /etc/rc
  • Execute passwd root to change the root password
After that you can login via the GUI as root and make new accounts. The standard linux user creation commands don't work here. I will be making a doc with the credentials and network information.