Saturday, February 26, 2011

NeXT Workstation

What I did this entire week.

Helped Henry move paper!

Then I began working on NeXT...

I started playing with it and when I wanted to stick in a floppy it wouldn't go in correctly. The plastic flap was broken but Devin fixed it. Thanks Devin. After that...

I figured out how to open a terminal... From there I did su root and I never got a password prompt but neither an error either. I didn't have time to test it out and see if it would do anything. I also tried getting the NeXTCube working because the man who brought them in left a lot documentation and from what I could infer he was referring to the NeXTCube. In the docs it says the standard user account name and password and the root password. Unfortunately it does not work on the NeXTCube so I have abandoned that path for now although that would have made everything very easy. (It's even running OpenStep 4.2 if I remember correctly!)

What I plan on doing is installing OpenStep for Mach 4.2 on the first NeXT box Jeff had me working on. Apparently OpenStep is an operating system Sun and NeXT made stripped down version together so it could run on Solaris (???) Anyways although it is called OpenStep, OpenStep for Mach is basically just an newer version of NeXTStep for NeXT hardware. I also found GNUStep which is actually still being maintained but I don't know if it is meant to run on NeXT hardware.

I actually want to stay after school and do some work on this because I'm wasting a lot of time looking for docs online (very little docs) and working with the machines. It's basically like playing with a new operating system and you got to work it out yourself.

So when can I come in?