Monday, May 9, 2011


There was no problem. You just have to read the entire pop-up message where at the very end mentions you should make a copy of the tutorial for yourself. I guess the files are in a read only location to prevent editing. The creators definitely could have put that message at the top instead of at the bottom of the long error because who is running Greenfoot off a CD or something? (Read the error and you'll understand). That is all.

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  1. It is not that they are "in a read only location to prevent editing", but rather this is an example of a common unix problem. If the files are installed system wide, then they are in a "read only location". Otherwise, each user that made a change would be changing things for all the other users (*not good!*).

    The clever workaround seems to be to layer a copy of files you want the user to change together in each user's home directory, together with sym links to the shared system files (which they can not edit). Perhaps Greenfoot did not implement that.