Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I dislike stupid configs

So Nico's custom web2py is up. I followed the web2py book (see previous blog post) on installing web2py except I did it to /opt/ per Matt's recommendation. Everything was smooth sailing but until I tried restarting apache. Told me to look at the error logs and but I missed it the first go around. I checked it again and realized that the custom error logs (why the hell the config has custom error logs is beyond me) did not exist (duh). I removed the line from the config and now everything works. Finally.

I have not touched web2py though. I'm going to send Nico an e-mail tonight.

I also disabled cando. Hope Matt didn't need it :) (I asked him and we'll see what he says)

(Also Monday I found out that you can switch to Ubuntu Classic before you log-in, not worthy of a seperate post but still awesome)

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  1. Unfortunately, the word is that "Ubuntu Classic" will be discontinued in the 11.10 release (We still have Lubuntu! ;-)