Monday, April 4, 2011

Fourth Quarter Project Proposal

Title: School Server XS
Date: 4/4/11
Description: Create a recipe with Matt for building a working School Server XS that includes Matt's ejabberd patches and work alongside with OLE Nepal.


1. Work with Matt and Nepa
2. Create a working recipe for building a School Server that supports Matt's patches


1. OLPC Community
2. Matt
3. OLE Nepal


1. Get it done by May
2. ???

Working docs!

1 comment:

  1. These plans are really helpful because they enable us to be systematic in organizing our work.

    A few things missing from your proposal:

    1. SchoolTool! We are a central part of the SchoolTool community, so getting SchoolTool onto the School Server is a central part of our mission.
    2. Where are the links to the resources you are planning to use? I know you linked to the test suites in an earlier blog post, but links to the current XS sites and other information about the XS will prove most useful as you move forward.