Wednesday, March 2, 2011

NeXT Networking and Printing

So the printer seems to work just fine. Stupid on my part was I was trying to find the right cable for the printer (none of them would fit in the cube!). As I was googling I looked up at the computer for a sec and noticed a cable just sitting on the desk that was exactly right for the printer. I traced it back and it was already plugged in the cube, it just needed a printer -.- So that works.

Networking should work. I did not have enough time to test if my config will work. For some reason the "SimpleNetworkManager" app (oxymoron) would not let me alter the IP but I could change everything else. I did that manually in a configuration file but then had to leave so we'll see tomorrow if it works. I also have to manually add the DNS servers to another config file but I'll do that once I know networking works.


  1. Once the NeXT workstation is on our network and the printer works, look into setting up the NeXT as a *print server*, so that the laser printer is available to other machines.

    That is both a very valuable learning experience for you and a great addition to our infrastructure.

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