Saturday, February 19, 2011


I looked into some VNC options and I found one called TurboVNC. According to Wikipedia it is capable of displaying 1280x1024 images at over 20 frames per second on a 100megabit network. That would suit our needs perfectly if it works. I also found another VNC program that allows you to view everyone's computer screens if you're into that big brother stuff. I'll be trying it out on Monday to see how it works. Also from what I can see it's under the GPL.

he be watching you


  1. Project for next week: Get the NeXT workstation working. It may entail reinstalling the OS. The NIC will have to be configured by hand, since I believe it pre-dates DHCP.

  2. Wow! iTALC could be your project for the Spring. I'm not into the "big brother" stuff, but the ability to share screens remotely (for someone sick at home), demo to the whole class, etc. sounds very cool.

    Please investigate this more and let's talk about setting up a mini experimental lab using the netbooks for it.