Saturday, February 5, 2011

Java, LPIC and stuff

So for my fans that didn't know. I'm going to partake in the Java competition at the University of Maryland. Once I've actually taken the LPIC exam I'll try and read ahead more into Java. I'm probably not going to me of much use coding wise but I hope to get a better understanding of the concepts so I can help with the problem solving (and how one might go about doing it in java). Maybe we'll beat TJ this year.

I took an LPIC practice exam. I got around 60% but that was a while ago. I'm going to take another crack at it (I've studied more since then) and see what I get. The questions that really throw me off are the ones that require you to enter a command usually chaining them together. Those seem to be my biggest problem now.

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  1. Since you are now in a new course: ITN 200 - Administration of Network Resources, I will expect you to continue reviewing for the LPIC exam on your own time and begin working (and documenting) the project you will be doing for the new course.

    You will want to get at least an 80 on the practice test to be sure you are ready for the real thing.