Thursday, November 4, 2010

Vi and the Vim

I taught Henry how to edit previous blog posts. The end.

So after that lesson I read more from the book. As you may already know (YOU should know :P) to edit or create a new file you would run the command vi /your/directory/and/file/here. Once inside vi you use the lowercase i to enter insert mode where you enter text. Apparently I does the same thing but takes you to the beginning of the line. There are also a few other insert methods. Also another cool feature when opening a file is adding +(your number here) and it will jump to said line in the file. To navigate when not in the insert mode you can either use the arrow keys or HJKL H being left, J down, K up, and L right. Personally I use arrow keys but nethack may force me to use HJKL.

Paragraph break for the eyes. So more editing commands. To undo you just simply press u but sometimes I use q! when I accidently edit something I probably shouldn't have. I know I can use u but... To save and exit a file the the wq writes and quits. Simple. There is also the x which saves and quits and apparently you have to know the two for the exam. More stuff. dd deletes an entire line and yy copies an entire line. When working with the hostname scheme for our lab yy was useful so I wouldn't have to exactly replicate a four line block of text with proper syntax. p pastes whatever is in the unnamed buffer as the book puts it (clipboard sounds cooler). Some more advanced copy-paste that I am unlikely to ever use is the fact that vi has 27 buffers (one is unnamed) and you can copy things to any of them if you specify it. If not it just overwrites the unnamed buffer. Example "ayy would yank the line to buffer a and "ap pastes it.

Lots of stuff to cover in vi unfortunately but I'm almost through with that chapter.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Quarter In Review

So totally not copying Henry's layout of the review which I must say is quite pitiful here is my superior post. Any similarities observed between the two posts are in no way related... except for the fact we worked together most of the time.


What did I accomplish during 1st quarter?
First quarter Henry and I (and with the help of Matt, wouldn't have figured out bullcrap config without him) set up the LTSP server. That's the major accomplishment. After that we both set up static leases, ingenious hostnames and are now studying for the LPIC.

Did my accomplishments meet my expectations? Why or why not?
Yes/no. When I walked into the lab day one my first thought was to get that LTSP server working completely and hadn't really thought of anything else. I do have the LPIC which is ongoing so I can't say I have accomplished that. So yes I did meet my expectations but that was my only expectation.

What did I learn during 1st quarter?
I learned the linux from the LPIC somewhat. Still ongoing. I could probably set up another LTSP server no problems next time. I can't say I learned one exact topic like I learned networking (which I did last year) but I have learned a bunch of different linux things. I also did some slight documentation. Yay google docs.

In what ways will this knowledge be useful to me in the future?
Pretty much everything I have been doing can and probably will be useful to a sysadmin. Even if I don't become a sysadmin everything is still relevant to someone who likes linux which I don't plan on abandoning. Hopefully they'll get some vidya games.

What new skills did I aquire? What can I do now that I couldn't do when the 1st quarter began?
As I said I learned some linux stuff like tcpdump and other commands. I have a better grasp on commands I already knew. Like kill for example.

What will be the focus of my learning during 2nd quarter?
My focus of learning for second quarter is studying for the LPIC. Maybe the schooltool server depending on what is going on with that.

What new skills do I plan to aquire during 2nd quarter?
More linux. As in skills to more efficiently run a lab/network.

What do I plan to accomplish during 2nd quarter?
Finish with the LPIC? LPIC LPIC LPIC LPIC. That's my main goal. Finish studying for it and get it over with.