Friday, April 9, 2010

This Week

Monday I made my proposal. No not that kind. Stuff happened on Tuesday and Wednesday... Thursday I read and today I read some more. So here's what I read.

Frame Relay is a type of WAN connection based on packet switching. Packet switching basically means sending packets through different paths. It operates on virtual circuits where each client has their own allocated bandwidth. When you send data you have the CIR and the Access Rate. The CIR determines how much data is sent before it might be dropped and the Access Rate well... it's the Access Rate aka bandwidth. Back to virtual circuits they're just like a physical on except virtual so your data is moving across a large infrastructure that it never sees because it looks like it's own circuit. There are two types of virtual circuits. Permanent and switched which is like a leased phone line. The permanent is always in place while the switched is like when you make a phone call the connection is established and then dropped when the call or connection is through.

That's just one of the WAN types I read about but I'd rather not regurgitate everything I just read.

Gonna try and fix my dad's grandfather clock this weekend. I MUST HEAR THAT WESTMINSTER CHIME!
You gotta skip to the 28 second mark...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Fourth Quarter Project Proposal

This Quarter my overall goal is to take the Network+ exam and pass. I'm confident now, not 100% but I have only 4 chapters to go through. I still have to go back to learn subnetting and the layers of the OSI but I have the basics down for both.

Network+ exam... To be honest I could have probably been ready by now but last quarter I just slowed down and then sped up again. Of course I'm still going to be reading the Net+ book (which I can't link) using Wikipedia for obscure things and doing the practice exams. We should talk about getting a voucher for the Net+ exam when you come back. So I'll take the exam when I can which I hope can be soon.

Right after I take the exam which is TBD I assume I'll start helping Henry or something of the sort. There won't be enough time to work out a full project especially if I take the exam late. If I get the date for the exam I could make a timeline but right now I can't really see what I'd be doing.

If I don't have a lot of time left in the quarter after I take the exam I may try programming again for the summer. I'm still keeping my options open for a career.