Friday, January 29, 2010


tuesday I will stay after school and do that DHCP thing I keep saying I will do that I kept saying. Contrary to my hopes about the chapters staying the same length/difficulty it's become longer/harder (har har). I found reading from the the ebook doesn't cut it anymore and I have to sit down with the actual monstrosity and read it. Reading from a real book has always been easier for me than a glaring computer screen. That's it. Also for those who don't read xkcd yet read this here's a touching/depressing comic...

Thursday, January 28, 2010


So here's a boring and non thrilling post. I haven't really posted anything informative since a lot of it has been really boring lately and you wouldn't want me to bore you, right? Well now it is unavoidable so prepare to be bored(ed?) and bombarded with facts. Fun.

A hub and switch are like the same thing except they aren't. Both can segment networks but a switch can basically do it better. There really isn't a reason to use a hub over a switch unless you don't have the monies or you already have a bunch of hubs but even then one switch would be good. When the hub receives data it bombards every port with the data and those computers that weren't meant to recieve the data get rid of it. It's a waste of bandwidth but there is no processing involved which isn't really a surprise when you just throw crap at everyone. A switch is basically the opposite. It bombards each port so it can discover which MAC is assigned to each port so then later on it can just send the data to that specific port without wasting bandwidth.

I'll make another post tomorrow.