Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quarter 2 Review

During the quarter I learned stuff. And things.

First thing of the quarter was getting the whitelist ready which feels like a million years ago. It taught me how painful it can be if you don't read the documentation. I "learned" the OSI model as in I understand how it works, encapsulation and what not. I still need to memorize the layers. I learned about all the fun and exciting cables like Fiber, Cat and Dog. (Didya see the joke in there? Cat and Dog? Geddit? Shut up). I now know how to convert number to binary to hex. I also learned a pretty couple minor things like using SCP but that's not really worth listing. So that's it.

As you can guess my next quarter goal will be to continue working with Net+.

Strange how I can write a page on one topic and yet when making a review I can only come up with one paragraph.