Monday, December 6, 2010


I'm going to read more of LPIC as usual which this week involves finishing up the hardware chapter. We're going to get this done by January since we all decided to get the exam finished to "prove" that we are actually working and so that we have time to focus on getting the lab fully autonomous if you will. Hopefully after that it will require no intervention at all until the time comes to upgrade... But we'll be long gone by then :D Just kidding. I think Devin and Jason will have enough of a handle on things to take care of the lab.

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  1. I would be most grateful if you take a few moments in the years ahead to share feedback on whether you think focusing on the LPIC exam is useful or not.

    I'm of mixed mind, since I can see it helps sharpen and organize your unix skills, but at the same time it has you working more time than you should memorizing commands to control systems that are no longer in use.

    Your future assessment of whether it was over all worth it or not would be most helpful to students coming along after you.