Monday, October 11, 2010

Yay NY

So to wrap up last week. (Shoulda posted this Friday). The hostname changes are done. And the server is kinda done. The end.

Ok more. The server is running but the docs for XS aren't good at all so we didn't really know what to do trying to set it up. According to Henry (he did this) the server gets connections from the computers but nothing happens afterward. By tomorrow I hope we can get this done.

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  1. Note: You left the dhcp server in a broken state (the letter d in front of one of the host entries). I copied /etc/ltsp/dhcp.conf to /etc/ltsp/dhcp.conf.broken10-12-10 and fixed it. I also added a new entry.

    We now have the infrastructure to do proper planning -> testing -> deploying. That's what I would like you to focus on next week:

    1. Make a list of all the components that comprise a "School Server".
    2. Begin to see if these tools are readily available on Ubuntu 10.10 (like ejabberd was).
    3. Setup a test server for implementing these components.