Monday, October 4, 2010

This Week

My goal for this week is to finish setting up hostnames on every computer and possibly working on the XS server. Hostnames will be easy and XS server so far looks easy enough to set up also. The way it works is OLPC USED to have packages for different distributions that contained the XS server software but it's outdated and is meant to run on Hardy. Their latest software is one of those custom distro images which is based on Fedora. Devin has given us one of his servers which should be sufficient enough for the server. The basic specs recommended are a 1GHZ processor and 1G of RAM and the server he gave is something like a 2.4 Dual Core with 3G of RAM. If all goes well Henry will work on the server while I finish hostnames.

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  1. I spent some time this morning (Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2010) researching XMPP (, which the official name of the protocol formerly known as jabber.

    There are three jabber servers in the apt repository:

    1. jabberd
    2. jabberd2
    3. ejabberd

    I found this blog post most helpful:

    I choose ejabberd and installed it on

    It worked! Like magic is just worked ;-)

    So, I now think we should scrap the XS that we setup and use the same hardware and IP, install an Ubuntu 10.10 server, and run ejabberd on it.

    We can then deploy each component of the Ubuntu School Server as we get it tested.