Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Fluff

Today me and Henry talked to Jeff about Wireshark. The problem at the moment is you can't capture packets that aren't traveling to your computer. If we had a hub it would work since the hub broadcasts everything on every port (yay something from Net+). What we were thinking is using wireshark on the LTSP server but rather we're going to try using tcpdump.

So for this week we're going to work on tcpdump and the rest is to be determined. We have to wait on the Jabber server patches according to Jeff.

About LPIC, I still have plenty of studying to do with not so much time.

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  1. Keep in mind, Mr. Nicholakos, that if you do this documentation thing right, it is not "fluff" at all! ;-)

    Since the LTSP server is the NAT box, all inbound and outbound traffic must pass through it, so using tcpdump there should work. Wireshark probably uses tcpdump anyway (you might investigate that), so starting at the lower level tool is a good idea.

    You have "plenty of studying with not so much time" you say? Can you break it down for me? How many book chapters do you need to get through? Which one are you on now? Are you using your evening "homework time" to work on this like we discussed?