Thursday, October 14, 2010


As you may know we were working on using the XS school server, which runs ejabbered, so we would have our own little community. That didn't work out so now we have a regular ubuntu machine running just ejabbered. Unfortunately it doesn't work out of the box. I found this which states that you have to apply some patches to ejabbered to get it working with the XOs. Henry installed ejabbered on his machine so we can play around with it. One problem I just realized is that aren't there firewalls between us and the rest of the internets on the network we're on? We need to be able to test this with someone from outside the network. Have to figure that out Monday...

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  1. Please review my feedback from a few weeks back on Henry's blog describing how to Journal each week. Since problem solving is so important, a clear statement off the problem *on Monday* is what makes the process work.

    On another note, Matt is working with David Farning to patch ejabberd for our needs. It was more difficult than we anticipated, and he has the time and skill set needed to do it.

    I suggest you divide your time evenly between two things:

    1. LPIC exam prep (please describe on Monday where you are in that process and how much further you need to go).
    2. Get wireshark setup on your workstation so we can analyze the network traffic in our lab. I want to see if we can identify Avahi packets (, which is how I believe the Sugar computers in our lab find each other.