Friday, October 1, 2010


So me and Henry have been creating static leases for each machine on the network and giving them new hostnames. The layout will be like last year just different hostnames. Should be done by Monday and then working on Tuesday. (Need to reboot the LTSP server or restart dhcp for it to take effect).

Here's a more verbose version.

Today, Steve Henry and I looked over a list of phobias and decided on some to be the hostnames for the lab, before going and editing the hostname files in each computer we had time for. While I Henry edited the hostnames I Henry also called out the MAC addresses to Steve me, and he I entered them into dhcpd.conf on the LTSP server, setting up static IPs for each of them in the same scheme as last year. As per Jeff's request, getting the lab ready for the October 16th meeting will be our top priority, and we will continue this on Monday. About half the lab should have static IPs and updated hostnames now, and we should be able to finish the other half on monday.



  1. I've been noticing the machines booting up with phobia names, nice work.

    After investigating who the sugar network environment works, it uses a configurable jabber server. So, we need to set one up.


  2. I thought I had asked you to look at my feedback on Henry's journal for this last week, but he did it and you didn't, so I'll give to to you as well. For next week:

    1. Make a post Monday with goals for the week.
    2. Make brief (5 minute) posts Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday reporting on progress.
    3. Make a longer post on Friday evaluating the week.