Thursday, September 30, 2010

Phobias and Static Leases

So me and Henry are both working on assigning static leases to every machine on the network. We're going to map out the IP addresses like last year where the machine IP address is based on the order of the machines in the lab. Here's the forum post that we're using to assign static IPs since Ubuntu Server Guide wasn't any help. (Neither was Google, apparently there are many ways to say static lease!)

Now what is this of Phobias you ask? Well we decided to make every computer's hostname a phobia. You can thank The Phobia List for the phobias.

Apparently Firefox thinks my entire blog post is spelled incorrectly. Now I can't tell if something is incorrect D:


  1. Please be sure to skip "J" from your phobia list. I don't want either of the two listed there used in our lab.

  2. Neither those or any others similar to those two are in are list. We're not that insensitive!