Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Not gonna happen? So still waiting on the exam date. So... yeah. Since I don't have much to do I'll just write about my practice exams. Oh one thing. The clocks on the computer are always out of sync. IPCop can work as a time server so I'm going to try to get that working.

And today I decided against it since it seems my computer is the only one out of sync for some reason. Gonna fix that and if the need arises I can use IPCop for synced time.

This week hasn't actually been very productive. I've been just reviewing the book since the SSO isn't moving forward, yet. Waiting on the exam date and that's it basically. More review of the book next week. How's about a network related comic for filler.

You'd better have laughed, otherwise I don't know what you're doing here.

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  1. First, we'll get you to that exam if I have to get you the voucher myself. Second, the protocol used to keep clocks in sync over the network is called... drum roll please.... Network Time Protocol (ntp). Our sys admin blocks ntp traffic, so that he controls time on our network (sys admins and their divinity complexes ;-). I can tell you what time server to use, since there is only one that we can reach. Lastly, please don't tell me you have nothing to do. I'm looking for a single sign-on system from you!