Thursday, April 22, 2010

Network Analyzers

Yesterday I downloaded Wireshark. I've actually used it before once in conjunction with another little program... Anyways the reason I downloaded it was the book recommends it as a packet sniffer. One thing I forgot is you have to set your NIC into promiscuous mode which may require special drivers and running a packet sniffer on the school network may not be the best thing to do. So onto hardware testers.

A wire-map tester is one of the most basic cable testers you can buy. It just checks that the wires in a twisted-pair are in their correct places. It can also check for broken or unconnected wires. Surprisingly this basic tester starts at around 100 dollars.

A protocol analyzes, wait for it, protocols! They come in hardware and software forms. It allows you to troubleshoot problems on a network, doesn't really explain how..., gather traffic info, find unused protocols to remove from your network and traffic generating for penetration testing. And that's that for today.

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  1. Thanks to work you did previously (setting up the IPCop router) we are on our own network segment. In other words, local IP traffic doesn't make it past your router, so... sniff away!