Monday, April 5, 2010

Fourth Quarter Project Proposal

This Quarter my overall goal is to take the Network+ exam and pass. I'm confident now, not 100% but I have only 4 chapters to go through. I still have to go back to learn subnetting and the layers of the OSI but I have the basics down for both.

Network+ exam... To be honest I could have probably been ready by now but last quarter I just slowed down and then sped up again. Of course I'm still going to be reading the Net+ book (which I can't link) using Wikipedia for obscure things and doing the practice exams. We should talk about getting a voucher for the Net+ exam when you come back. So I'll take the exam when I can which I hope can be soon.

Right after I take the exam which is TBD I assume I'll start helping Henry or something of the sort. There won't be enough time to work out a full project especially if I take the exam late. If I get the date for the exam I could make a timeline but right now I can't really see what I'd be doing.

If I don't have a lot of time left in the quarter after I take the exam I may try programming again for the summer. I'm still keeping my options open for a career.

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