Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Week

I decided to take on the super secret task that I can't speak about because it's so super secret, I think. Anyways because of this super secret task Mr. Elkner gave me an XO since it is part of the super secret task. I didn't take long how to figure it out considering it's meant for kids although there was some difficulty like opening the darn thing. I actually used it for reading the book while on the bus, which I'll get to in a bit, and it was very nice. The screen doesn't glare and for the most part it was easy to use but anyways...

I left off last week with some Wi-Fi related things. The next part of the chapter is mostly hardware. In a purely Wi-Fi network there will be two components the WAP (Wireless Access Point) and a wireless NIC. You can have a wired and wireless router. A WAP will have either Omni or Yagi antennas. An omni directional antenna transmits all over the place while a Yagi antenna transmits in one direction but has greater distance than an omni antenna since it focuses all its power in one direction.

Onto networks! In a small network instead of buying a WAP you can have all your NICs operate in ad-hoc mode where each device communicates directly to each other instead through a WAP although this isn't very good since a WAP is cheap and it's hard to organize this kind of network. The other type involves a WAP which is basically like a wired network except wireless.

The cool thing about wireless networks is you can obviously move around in them since your device is wireless but you can blanked areas with WAPs so that you can move around freely and the network is fault tolerant since they will overlap each other to an extent. Unfortunately for a couple pages the book discusses how to set up a wireless connection and WAP in Windows. Not that I hate Windows (I use it more than Linux...) the book should be discussing the concepts and I would hope someone reading the book would know how to connect to a wireless network off the bat. Anyways...

The next part discusses wireless security which I will talk about next week after the super secret thing. Oh yes the super secret thing involves Legos.

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