Monday, March 22, 2010

Network Security

Firewalls. Firewalls basic function is to allow or deny packets based on security restrictions. They can be a combination of software and hardware. A router usually has a firewall but you can also have a machine running as a firewall exclusively known as a network-based firewall. A host-based firewall runs on each machine protecting only that machine (although I guess it could protect from outbound attacks). An ACL is literally what it's called an, an Access Control List. It allows you to control what kind of packets move around inbound and outbound based on conditions specified like in programming. And lastly DMZ. A Demilitarized Zone is a subnet where you store all non critical information behind a firewall. An example is you have a website for ducks. You have your webserver in the DMZ where people can get access to your website and all things duck related but you keep your corporate servers in another subnet with a stricter restrictions.

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