Thursday, March 25, 2010


Engaging and interesting opening sentence. A WAN is hard to differentiate from a LAN since they're both based on the size and distance of the network. The book says that a WAN is a network than spans great distances and use phone providers for communication within the WAN. There are 3 different WAN connection types.

Leased Line is a point-to-point connection. It is a permanent line over a long distance.

Circuit Switching is used for telephones and can be used for data as in dial-up. You only pay for the time you use not the data since you have to open up a connection.

Packet Switching
is like a LAN where data sent over a half-duplex connection only one person is sending data at once. Packet Switching is basically on a large scale, so data is sent in bursts. It's not that good since you usually share it with other companies and if you need continuous connection it won't do you any good at all.

So have a happy spring break blah blah gonna go to sleep.

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