Thursday, February 18, 2010

Woo Vector Graphics and Inkscape

So I finished up the chart which shows the physical layout of the lab and the I.P. of each computer. Elkner actually made the chart I just changed text. I'm not gonna embed it since it requires a plugin and I hate to have a nagging missing plugin pop up when you don't want to install it.

Also I lied about finishing the chart sort of. Apparently there is a problem with either inkscape or the .svg file format where some text boxes appear as black boxes. The great part about this problem is I have no idea how to delete the boxes since the normal method of selecting one doesn't work. So, here's is in it's black box covered glory. Cool beans.

OH WAIT. I forgot to explain what and .svg file is in the first place. Basically it's a vector graphic image which means it scales to whatever size so if you wanted to show a smiley face on a giant superbowl screen in all it's smiley glory it wouldn't blur at all since it's based on algorithms rather than the position of each individual picture. I think.

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  1. Let me look at those boxes next week. Good work. What will you do next week? Please post your goal at on Monday.