Friday, October 23, 2009

Keeping track of passwords

I just had a little idea to keep track of passwords. Right now both IPCop machines have the same passwords with the root and admin also sharing the same passwords. Assuming somehow the password got leaked. (Only 3 people know it). Then they would have complete access to both machines. I was thinking of making a google doc to keep track of the passwords and sharing it with Michael, Henry, myself and maybe Mr. Elkner. (You don't give out the passwords to the customer). I doubt anybody would want to do anything with the two machines but it can't hurt. If you have a better idea Mr. Elkner please leave it in the comments since I won't be at the CC today.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Second machine is ready

I finished up the second IPCop machine today. It is now running the same version of IPCop and the same addons as the one in use. I had to use SCP which is still kinda new to me. It didn't work so I asked Henry for help. I had the port placed incorrectly in the command so it wouldn't work. If I remember correctly this is how it should look like.

scp filename.file -P ### username@I.P. Address:/random/folder

I then unpacked and installed everything.

That's pretty much it for what happened today. Here's a random picture to fill the rest in. Make what you will of it.

Actually it isn't.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


While I wait for that I.P. address I've been looking up on how to block all websites through the IPCop GUI easily since Mr. Elkner wants to be able to block and unblock websites on the fly. I stumbled upon Advproxy which is another addon for IPCop made by the same people who created Urlfiler so they work together hand in hand. I haven't been able to use it since the test machine isn't ready yet but I've been reading the docs. Apparently it has some Classroom addon so you can group computers together. It can be the whole lab or a few computers and you can choose them based on MAC or IP. Once you've put them in a group and created a password to control that group. You can allow or deny web access with one click. The other cool thing is you don't have to give out the admin password to access IPCop web interface. Instead the teacher would use a different link that takes them to a login page. They enter their password and their groups show up and then they can allow or deny web access.

I believe this should work with the whitelist feature of IPCop but I'm not sure until I can actually work with it.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Yesterday when we me and Mr. Elkner set up the AP after school in the web interface there were multiple WPA2 encryption types. We tried mixed but it didn't work so I just set it to personal. I looked them up and there are 2 big differences between all three. WPA2 mixed uses AES and TKIP authentication. TKIP is very old and can be cracked using the same methods against WEP. WPA2 (personal) uses only AES authentication which is secure for now and WPA2 enterprise uses a RADIUS server for authentication which isn't necessary for us. I'll leave router to use WPA2 personal for now.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week 3 of October

I know I won't get any points for this but anyways this is to cover last week.

Tuesday I stayed after school and updated IPCop and installed Urlfilter. Henry showed me how to SSH into the machine on Friday and on Tuesday he used SCP to transfer the Urlfilter files to IPCop machine. I installed everything after school. Blacklisting works, I need to try whitelisting out. I can do it after school on Monday. On Wednesday I believe Michael began working on a second IPCop machine. We're working on that. Friday we got the AP but I couldn't figure it out during the period. I've read up on it and I should be able to set it up Monday.

I'll remember to blog this week.