Friday, October 9, 2009

Network Topologies

Right now I'm reading through the whole Network+ book. I know some things but I'm just gonna go through it all to make sure I have it down.

I learned a bit about network topologies in middle school. I remember the Star network is where all the computers in the network connect to one hub. It's nice because if one computer goes down it doesn't screw over the whole network like a Bus or Ring network but if the hub fails then everybody is screwed. The Ring and Bus also have another disadvantage which is when you want to make a change to the network like adding another machine it takes down the whole network which is really bad if you need to run 24/7. Mesh is very nice since every computer runs to each other creating redundancy but all that cabling would be expensive and confusing. There are some topologies I didn't know about until now like point-to-point and point-to-multipoint but I'm still reading up on them so I don't have anything to offer on them.

Three day weekend ahead which means I can play video games read up on Network+ and do some other projects.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

IPCop has been deployed

IPCop is now setup and running.

Yesterday we stayed after school and installed the IPCop server. If it wasn't for the quad NIC we probably wouldn't have been able to deploy it yesterday. The installation went without a hitch. At first I thought something was wrong because some computers were attempting to connect using the wrong IP address. Mr. Elkner (the only person who reads this blog) explained to me that when the computer tried to reconnect it tried using it's old assigned IP address which wasn't in the range we were using. A simple reboot fixed that.

I still have to update IPCop to the latest version and I need to install an addon called UrlFilter so we can easilly add and remove websites from the whilelist/blacklist otherwise you would have to edit the hosts.txt and that would be a pain in the arse. Also when Mr. Elkner gets an AP so we have wifi I can install Copspot which is the captive portal I wrote a about a little while back.

I guess I'll start reading up Network+ since I won't be able to work on IPCop during class.

Monday, October 5, 2009

We're ready to deploy Captain!

The server is all set and ready to go.

Today we put the last two NICs into the computer. It actually took the whole period. The problem was that each NIC had to be a different one because IPCop had trouble with duplicates. The problem was I would assign a network to one of the duplicate NICs. Then I would assign another network to the other duplicate NIC. When this happened the first network would lose its assignment to it's NIC. What we had to do was find two more NICs that weren't the same. It surprisingly took the whole period. We went through about 10 NICs before we found two that weren't the same. For some reason most of the NICs that we tried were Intel. Two of them weren't even detected by IPCop. We found a Realtek card and some other mammoth of a card before class ended. Tomorrow me and Michael will be staying after school and should get everything up and running.