Friday, October 2, 2009

Almost Ready

So yesterday we did an installation of IPCop with just two NICs. That worked perfectly although we couldn't figure out how to get into the web interface. Today I figured that out and we were set. Since we want 3 networks we need 4 NICs. One for the outer network, one for the local, another for wireless and another for experiments. Two of the NICs we had the same chipsets so I started by placing one in the machine to figure out which was the dupe. For some reason the computer would boot up but I couldn't type. Oh my god. I take out the NIC and put in the other. Same thing. I take that one out and try booting. It's the same thing. What the hell did I change? So I get Henry to take a look and lo and behold the keyboard wasn't plugged in... After that embarrising episode I access the web interface. I wanted to see if I could check out the 3rd NIC I had in the computer. This being the first time using IPCop I had no idea how to navigate the interface so class finished without much being done.

This weekend I plan on figuring out how add another network and do that on Monday and then we hopefully deploy Tuesday. Woo.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

IPCop Server

So today I went in with a better idea of how to get IPCop running than yesterday. I assigned an IP address to each NIC, Green being and then going up from there for the other 2 NIC's. One thing I didn't fully understand was DHCP yesterday. I knew that it assigns an IP address to the network but I didn't know it was as simple as plugging it and obtaining the IP. Anyways tomorrow when we plug the server into the drop in the front of the room it should work.

Also right at the end of the installation I accidentally cancelled it and had to start over.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Borked Computer

So today pretty much nothing got done except getting a machine ready for IPCop. Again. Apparently the computer we set up on Friday would not boot. Henry and some other person I don't know diagnosed the problem and it had something to do with the motherboard and CPU. We took the NICs out of the broken machine and placed them in another machine. We finished in just enough time to be able to do nothing. Well I did get to start the installation but stopped since there was only five minutes left.

My lesson learned is to see if the computer works before messing with it.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pfsense Copspot

Friday (or whenever) we all decided to use IPCop for our firewall. I did a bit of researching on the captive portal and IPCop again to see if it is possible to run a captive portal in IPCop. I found a plugin for IPCop called Copspot. It allows you to run a captive portal in IPCop but allows access only on port 80. I guess for surfing the net this is ok.

While I was looking for an addon for IPCop I came across Pfsense. It based off m0n0wall and is almost like IPCop. You can have multiple networks using those NICs (I believe) and it has a captive portal built in. The only caveat is that for whitelisting and blacklisting you have to download SquidGaurd. It's not built in, although one cool thing is you can specify dates and times to have the blacklist/whitelist up. I don't know if IPCop does this.

Basically instead of running a firewall and a captive portal we could have one server running just IPCop or Pfsense. I will bring in a copy of Pfsense so we may have a look at it. This may require a better CPU if we run the captive portal on one server.

Written on my overheating laptop.