Friday, December 18, 2009

Cables, cables and more cables... And IPCop

So the last chapter I read was all about cables. I actually knew a bit about each cable but there is still so much. So some interesting things I learned. I learned what 100BaseTX means. I never knew what that means so here it is. The first number the speed in this case 100 megabits per second, next is Baseband or Broadband(multiple meanings) and if the last part has a T it means twisted-pair and the X is a type of cabling scheme. Another interesting thing is Cat cables. It's very easy to understand the naming scheme, Cat 1, Cat 2, Cat 3 etc. Basically each number up the cable is faster. It doesn't go up by 10s or something but basically the higher the number the better although today only two are sold Cat 5e and Cat 6. Cat 6 is the fastest but bigger so it's generally used in wiring buildings and Cat 5e is what most use for computers and such. ANOTHER interesting thing fiber optic cables are basically cables made with plastic and glass and the great thing about them is unlike Coax, data came move along fiber for 25 miles without having to be boosted through hardware. Also it's pretty hard for someone to tap into a fiber cable and look at all the naughty stuff you're doing. Anyways.

So Mr. Elkner has been telling me he wanted the DHCP server to hand out I.P.s based on MAC addresses. The other day he said he wanted me to do it. IPCop makes it very easy. Under DHCP server it had a list of I.P.s, hostnames and MAC addresses. All you have to do is mark a check next to one of the connected computers and make it a fixed-lease or you can manually do it. Maybe I'll learn how to manually (terminal) but that's for another day.

Also I stopped by room 217 to check out the Dr. Suess OSI Model thing. I think I need someone to actually tell/sing/ it to me. I sat there looking at it, it made sense but my inner "song" was pretty monotone. Sounded like this guy.

I'm gonna go back again and write it down.

Also I'm going to look into LDAP since Mr. Elkner has bestowed the honor of being the-guy-in-charge-of-something-that-everyone-will-depend-on-and-will-try-to-hurt-you-when-it-stops-working. Good thing I have the 2 week break ahead of me to prepare!

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  1. Awesome! You continue to set the standard as to what a technical journal should look like.

    btw. Regarding "manually" configuring the assigned IPs -- it's no big deal. It would just mean editing a text file that is begin changed now through the web interface.