Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Yesterday Mr. Elkner found out that when the block was up borders were missing from the google sites. I added which handles the borders. Today on the iGoogle homepage Mr. Elkner found out more media was being blocked. I added those to the whitelist and now everything is fine until we find more sites that don't work.

Anyways onto my Net+ "progress". Yesterday I discovered that the CD that comes with my book has tests for each chapter and a final big test. This is really awesome. Although I've been reading the chapters I've had troube with some things sticking. Being able to assess my progress will help me see if I need to go back into a chapter. It's just hard to focus reading sometimes. Here at school I read it on an e-book since I don't want to lug a 900 page book around with me. The problem is my mouse will slowly drift towards that orange little button up there known as firefox and before I know it I'll be surfing the interwebs. This isn't something chronic but some parts of the book just require me to go online and read more because it's either too obscure or oversimplified. I see I went off on my little rant. Let's get back to my progress.

I was reading a chapter on different types on hardware. Stuff like routers, hubs, etc. I'm going to have to go back and read it though. I actually plan on going back and reading all the chapters. Anyways I took the exam on the CD and an online one from a community site. I scored 50% on both. I think that's good and consistent which means my knowledge is sticking with me somewhat. I noticed a lot of the test is vocabulary and abbreviations. Like the question it will pose it "What type of blah would you use for this blah?" and it would be

A. IC-55555
B. IC-1010101210101
C. More numbers and letters
D. lol

Also during the test one of the questions asked me which of these are DDoS methods. Choose three. I got it right since I knew two of them and one was a virus but the other was Stacheldraht. I looked it up since I didn't know what it is and it sounds German and you if it sounds German it has to be cool. The name means barbed wire in German (see cool?) and it is a program written for solaris and linux :O Also the person who wrote the program goes by Random so you know he means serious business. So there you go, your random somewhat fun fact for the whenever.

Long post is long.

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