Friday, November 20, 2009

Working from the book

Right now I'm reading an e-book version of the book I bought. It came with the book. It's not that fun. To put it into perspective it's like a car mechanic reading a book on how to put together and fix cars. It's all theoretical. Reading isn't bad but a mechanic can't completely learn how to work with a car without a little hands on experience or he'll (me) will gouge his eyes out. I'll have to learn a lot of networking through reading anyways since there isn't really a way to do networking until problems arise or we're implementing new things. Can't wait until I can wake up, plug my head into a computer, download the day's teaching and then go back to sleep.

1 comment:

  1. I warned you that preparing for the Net+ Exam would be "not that fun". But it is a good goal, and as smart as you are it should not be too difficult.

    So, my advice is to push hard and to get it done as soon as possible. Then you can go back to applying what you learned to real problems.