Wednesday, November 4, 2009


So I've been doing the NOVA exam which I don't know really why I'm taking but it can't hurt and Mr. Elkner told me to anyways... I know it's not AT related but since that's what I've been doing here's what has happened. I took the reading part on Monday which I thought was ok. Not difficult but not easy either. I just took the essay part of the exam where you have to grammar (spell check caught my grammer) check three essays. It's very boring and harder but nothing I couldn't handle :) I passed both and apparently some lady is going to come to class tomorrow to discuss something with me. She wasn't here today. So that's it.

I think it's safe to post this. I mean it's not like I'm giving away answers or how to take the test but if for some reason I can't have this here I'll remove it.

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  1. The NVCC exam actually is AT related, since it will enable you to earn college credit for your work in here.