Thursday, November 12, 2009

Haven't been busy...

This week hasn't been a very productive one. Monday I moved the second IPCop machine (I will now dub IPCop2) under our current IPCop since Henry is now using the second drop in the room for some other project. It didn't work. I set the machine to DHCP, I made sure the RED NIC was plugged into the other IPCop machine and I also disabled every NIC except two to make sure I wasn't confusing the NICs and it still doesn't work. I couldn't stay after school unfortunately or I would have been able to easily test out whitelisting on the working IPCop machine. Tuesday I wasn't at school since I had a massive headache and stomach problems but that passed. Wednesday was Veterans day so there was no school and today we'll see what I do.


  1. I emailed Matt (and cc'd you). It is really time to get this project deployed, so don't hesitate to get Matt and Henry involved in helping you finish it.

    Can you stay Tuesday to work with them?

  2. I believe i can stay after Tuesday. I'll make sure of it by tomorrow. I believe I know how to do it now but the problem is I haven't been able to stay after school for 2 weeks now to actually try it out and I can't get the test machine working.