Friday, October 30, 2009

Week/Quarter Summary

Monday/Tuesday I plugged in the second machine into the second drop in the room yesterday and I couldn't access the internet. Matt had a look at it and said everything was correct. He tried pinging the machine and wouldn't get a response. Thursday I plugged a laptop into the drop we were using for the IPCop machine and pinged our network and got a response. I will look into what's going on with the server after I'm done with this quarter summary.

OK, so my original goal for the quarter... I didn't really start with one originally but I guess my goal became making an IPCop machine and setting up whitelisting. I did manage to get the IPCop server running but whitelisting hasn't been confirmed YET. And my overall goal for the year is to take the Network+ exam and pass. That's still way ahead of me.

The IPCop project worked out in the end (Still got to test whitelisting). There were quite a few unexpected things. I had to actually learn a few things before I could start the project, making each machine took a while and I did some stupid things in general.

So this quarter I learned some things about networking and linux. I learned what DHCP does and what DNS is for. I've learned a few linux commands like ping, host, ssh, scp, shutdown (you would think it would be just shutdown) and how to navigate through terminal. I also learned how to create and run a router machine, IPCop specifically.

Things I couldn't do before that I can now... Well first I could use terminal to save my life and now I have a better understanding of it and I learn new commands as I move along. I now can set up a static IP.

I still haven't properly set up a whitelist yet. I believe I can but I haven't been able to test it yet. That's pretty much what I wanted to do and can't do yet. Also I can't pass the Net+ exam right now if I tried. :/

I'm still going to continue with the IPCop project. I'll keep making changes and necessary and I will be fixing problems with it which there hopefully won't be any. After I get the whitelist done though I will have to find something else to do like studying for the Net+ exam and taking it although I don't see that happening anytime soon.

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