Friday, October 23, 2009

Keeping track of passwords

I just had a little idea to keep track of passwords. Right now both IPCop machines have the same passwords with the root and admin also sharing the same passwords. Assuming somehow the password got leaked. (Only 3 people know it). Then they would have complete access to both machines. I was thinking of making a google doc to keep track of the passwords and sharing it with Michael, Henry, myself and maybe Mr. Elkner. (You don't give out the passwords to the customer). I doubt anybody would want to do anything with the two machines but it can't hurt. If you have a better idea Mr. Elkner please leave it in the comments since I won't be at the CC today.


  1. In this context, the "customer" needs to know the passwords! ;-) Let's talk to Matt and Henry about this, since Google docs is not the proper place for "secure" data, since it is out there in the cloud.

    I bet we can come up with a better idea.

  2. Yeah, never ever store passwords in plaintext, my memory is much less likely to be found by someone else, haha