Friday, October 2, 2009

Almost Ready

So yesterday we did an installation of IPCop with just two NICs. That worked perfectly although we couldn't figure out how to get into the web interface. Today I figured that out and we were set. Since we want 3 networks we need 4 NICs. One for the outer network, one for the local, another for wireless and another for experiments. Two of the NICs we had the same chipsets so I started by placing one in the machine to figure out which was the dupe. For some reason the computer would boot up but I couldn't type. Oh my god. I take out the NIC and put in the other. Same thing. I take that one out and try booting. It's the same thing. What the hell did I change? So I get Henry to take a look and lo and behold the keyboard wasn't plugged in... After that embarrising episode I access the web interface. I wanted to see if I could check out the 3rd NIC I had in the computer. This being the first time using IPCop I had no idea how to navigate the interface so class finished without much being done.

This weekend I plan on figuring out how add another network and do that on Monday and then we hopefully deploy Tuesday. Woo.


  1. Do a little investigation into the OSI network model. Then you'll understand the statement that 90% of all network problems are at the physical layer. The keyboard experience is a good part of your training.

  2. Found it.

    Leaving myself a comment so I dont's forgets.