Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pfsense Copspot

Friday (or whenever) we all decided to use IPCop for our firewall. I did a bit of researching on the captive portal and IPCop again to see if it is possible to run a captive portal in IPCop. I found a plugin for IPCop called Copspot. It allows you to run a captive portal in IPCop but allows access only on port 80. I guess for surfing the net this is ok.

While I was looking for an addon for IPCop I came across Pfsense. It based off m0n0wall and is almost like IPCop. You can have multiple networks using those NICs (I believe) and it has a captive portal built in. The only caveat is that for whitelisting and blacklisting you have to download SquidGaurd. It's not built in, although one cool thing is you can specify dates and times to have the blacklist/whitelist up. I don't know if IPCop does this.

Basically instead of running a firewall and a captive portal we could have one server running just IPCop or Pfsense. I will bring in a copy of Pfsense so we may have a look at it. This may require a better CPU if we run the captive portal on one server.

Written on my overheating laptop.

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  1. Let's try IPCop first, experiment with it until you are familiar with how it works, and then decide whether to try other router software.