Wednesday, September 30, 2009

IPCop Server

So today I went in with a better idea of how to get IPCop running than yesterday. I assigned an IP address to each NIC, Green being and then going up from there for the other 2 NIC's. One thing I didn't fully understand was DHCP yesterday. I knew that it assigns an IP address to the network but I didn't know it was as simple as plugging it and obtaining the IP. Anyways tomorrow when we plug the server into the drop in the front of the room it should work.

Also right at the end of the installation I accidentally cancelled it and had to start over.

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  1. DHCP has two components: a server, and clients. There can only be one server or problems can result, since it won't be easily predictable which server a given client will get an address from if there is more than one server.

    Do you understand why I was so concerned that you not plug in the port on which a DHCP server is running into the school network?